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Theresa Borg

Help to quit smoking with hypnosis

Posted by Theresa Borg

952 Days Ago

Hypnotherapy, in my experience, is a fast, easy to access, and relatively cheap quit smoking aid.

A hypnosis session is usually completed in a single, two hour session, is completely safe, and if you choose the right therapist, will allow you to not only leave your session as a non-smoker, but can also help you to have an overall confidence and well-being boost to boot. 

Some therapists, like myself, will also offer you a free CD or download to support you at home after the session. In my opinion it is crucial to look for the gains that smoking are currently offering you, and then to address them one by one -replacing each one with a more healthy, beneficial action or behaviour. Often there will be subconscious programmes running in the mind that can make smoking very difficult to stop. However, by finding and addressing these hidden gains, we can overwrite or replace these negative programmes with hypnosis straight into the subconscious mind.

So why quit?

Health - The benefits of quitting:

  • Decreased risk of Cancer, pulmonary and heart problems
  • Feeling great with fresher breath, cleaner teeth and fresher smelling clothes
  • Fewer health risks including an improvement in breathing, circulation and general fitness
  • An improved sense of smell and taste

Family and friends

80% of second hand smoke is invisible and odourless, so the danger is unseen. Therefore you may think it doesn’t matter but the truth is that your family and friends will be affected detrimentally by your harmful poisons which can make them susceptible to meningitis, cancer, bronchitis and other breathing problems. Young children and babies are particularly susceptible to passive smoking.


If a person smokes just 13 cigarettes a day (364 cigarettes a month) s/he will be ‘burning’ £141 a month (setting a light to 7 £20 notes!!!) or £1,696 a year. Think what you could be doing with that money!!

How to make it easier on yourself:

  • Strategise and prepare for the day you are setting your intention to quit and prepare strategies to avoid temptation.
  • Select a week when you know that your life is unlikely to be stressful.
  • Arrange a quiet week avoiding the usual places and people that encourage you to smoke (where possible)
  • Tell everyone you are now a non smoker and do not want to be encouraged to smoke, asked ‘how is it going’ or be offered any cigarettes.
  • Destroy any cigarettes, lighters or matches before your hypnosis session and prepare a clear large vessel where you can see how much you are saving.
  • Set a financial goal with those savings like a new car or holiday etc
  • Continually visualise your success and keep reaffirming the positive reasons why you are doing this.
  • Download one of the range of free apps available. 

So come on - If you want to make 2016 the happiest, healthiest and best year yet, consider hypnosis to help make a life changing decision for health!

Theresa Borg

Article written by Theresa Borg - Bromley

I am a full time professional Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach with many years experience based in Bromley, Kent. I am an Acknowledged Supervisor with the professional body of the GHR. I am fully insured. I aim to provide a caring and compassionate service using an additional range of NLP, CBT... [read more]

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