Homeopathy in sport

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Liesje Cochrane

Homeopathy in sport

Posted by Liesje Cochrane 1768 Days Ago

A list of reasons for athletes to choose homeopathy

  • No harmful side effects

  • They are safe to use, and equally as effective in babies, old people and pregnant women

  • Does not interfere with other medicine therefore its safe to use with conventional drugs

  • No risk of being habit forming or affecting your ability to drive

  • They are not tested on animals - homeopathic medicines are tested through systematic trials with healthy human volunteers.

  • They work with the body to help it repair and restore itself.

  • They appear to speed up the healing process to get you back to training and performing more quickly

  • They have been used for over 200 years and it is the second most used system of medicine worldwide according to the World Health Organization WHO

  • Homeopathic medicines can be kept for later use as only a few pills are needed for each episode of treatment


Athletes most commonly use arnica

  • After a run or workout – helps to minimize muscle strain, trauma and bruising it ensures a rapid recovery after that event like a marathon

  • Before a big workout – or a long run to keep the aches and bruising to a minimal

  • When injured – excellent for first aid

  • After trauma – helps for physical & emotional shock

If you find you are not getting any relief, your injury is worsening or if you have recurring injuries (such as repeated strains or sprains) you might want to consult a professional. With repeated injuries you may have an underlying susceptibility, and it is recommended to have it treated professionally.