Carrie Goh

How to align to your highest potential

Posted by Carrie Goh Counsellor 189 Days Ago

Are you over-whelmed with ideas?

We’ve all been there … we become excited with a new project, a new relationship, a new business, even a new spiritual practice. And we say to ourselves: “This is it. I have found my life purpose.”

And then … it all goes wrong. The project or business flops. The relationship fails. We’re left disheartened, wondering how we could have been so very mistaken.

The answer is simple. We took ego-inspired action instead of spiritual-inspired action.

There are a few things we must understand about our ego. Ego is a fear-based program designed to:

  • Keep us safe no matter what! Our ego will always, always, want to keep us “safe.”
  • Want to be right. When the ego encounters an idea that would affirm its own self-perception, it is pulled to that idea.

This self-protection mechanism of the ego has a specific purpose. It helps us to feel safe, sane and allows us to remain confident even when the going gets tough.

Who you think you are at the level of ego however, is vastly different from who you truly are! Your inner-peace will give you an idea of just how aligned you are as a human being to your spiritual being.

Our Soul doesn’t give a toss about our physical safety. After all, it’s had multiple lifetimes in the past and will likely to have a few more in its future. The Soul only cares about expressing their highest creativity into this human experience, but the Soul can’t interfere with our free will.

The Soul’s inspiration comes in a different quality than the ego. Our ego’s desires are compelling, immediate and gives us a lot of logical reasons for why we should pursue a particular path of action. The ego also likes to compete and receive immediate gratification.

The Soul, on the other hand, whispers. The Soul’s message is suggestive and it gives you no reason or rationalisation as to why you should act on its guidance. It’s an impulse that makes no immediate sense and usually, the ‘download’ makes us uncomfortable.

Is it a wonder why we’re more inclined to listen to our ego’s need for self-affirmation than our Soul’s desire for self-expression?

If you want to keep your life the same and stay exactly where you are, follow the ego. There is nothing wrong or bad about doing what you’ve always done. You’ll just keep getting what you’ve always got!

If you want real change in your life and ready to take the path into greater purpose and prosperity, it is ALWAYS through your Soul’s self-expression.

The Soul’s whispers may be non-compelling, but they are persistent. It is the subtle nudge you’ve had for years, maybe even decades, calling you into alignment.

To your Joy and Abundance

Carrie Goh