Hypnosis and self hypnosis- Part 2

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Lawrence Michaels

Hypnosis and self hypnosis- Part 2

Posted by Lawrence Michaels 2070 Days Ago

This is the second article of two parts on self hypnosis, with a focus on the practical learning of how to use self hypnosis to achieve a specific outcome. 

Once you are able to enjoyably enter the state of trance easily in your own unique way through exploring some or all of the techniques described in my previous article, the next step is to use this learning state to help you achieve a particular outcome or goal, such as to be more confident when speaking in public, or sleep better etc. Allow yourself 20-30 minutes for the following exercise, sitting comfortably in a quiet place. You will also need to print off or copy down the questions outlined in Step 2 below.

Step 1- Set your outcome

To ensure you get the outcome you want, start off by asking yourself the following questions ‘What will it be like when I have achieved my outcome?’, ‘What will I be doing differently?’ ‘What will the benefits be?’ Try and orientate the answer towards the outcome rather than focusing on what you don’t want. So if you are looking to lose weight you might answer ‘I will look thinner, feel happier and be wearing that dress!’ or if you want to be more confident in certain situations ‘I will be more chatty, looking and feeling more confident and bold’. Now think about and write down all the things that will be different as a result of this change including what this might then lead on to. For example once you become more confident you might be meeting more people which might lead to having new friends or being in a relationship, if that is what you would ultimately like. Write as much as you can about what will be different for you and try and be as specific and detailed as possible. Looking through your list pick 1-3 things that are particularly motivating and compelling.

Step 2 – Imprint the learning

The next step is to create a powerful template, in your trance state, for your preferred future outcome and then develop a strategy for how to achieve it.

Read through this completely before trying it so you are clear about what you are looking to do:

Once you are in your trance state allow yourself to create in your mind a multi sensory experience of what it will be like when you have achieved the outcome you want, based on what you chose and wrote down in step one. Start off by being the observer of your future self; really notice what you look like in this ideal state, what your body language is like, your facial expressions, what you are doing and saying. Then notice your environment and other people who might be there and how you are intereacting with them. Pay attention to any sounds and the positive energy that is radiating out of you. Once you have done that you can then take a powerful step inside the future 'you' and fully experience what it's like being there. Focus on what it feels like, how you move and interact and maybe hear your voice. 

Once you have felt fully immersed in that experience step out of the future 'you' and become the observer again. Switch between the two a couple of times, really enjoying the experience.

As explained in the previous article, everyone has different and varied dominant senses so play around with this exercise, as you may find certain elements will be more powerful and helpful than others.

Once you have practiced this a few times, stay in your trance state, and ask yourself the following questions and with a pen to hand you can then write the answers down. (This is the bit that needs to be printed off or copied down.) Oh and you can still be in a form of trance and have your eyes open, a bit like daydreaming:

‘What is the first step that I need to make to get to where I want to be?’ Or you can even ask your future self ‘What was my first step to get here?’


‘What is /was the second step that I need to take?’


‘If I can give myself any magical strength/gift/resource that will help me get to where I want to be what would that be?’ (then closing your eyes imagine yourself being given this gift)

By practicing this exercise regularly and by repeatedly living your ideal future in your mind you will be making it much easier for you to get there for real. Of course we sometimes have strong blocks, limiting beliefs and past experiences that stop us from achieving our goals and in those situations seeing a hypnotherapist or other therapist can help you get past them.