Hypnotherapy And That Voice In My Head

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Leslie Staines

Hypnotherapy And That Voice In My Head

Posted by Leslie Staines 2190 Days Ago

Our interaction with the world about us is formulated by our perspective and already held views of ourselves.  “What does that person think of me now?” “Are there any lumps or bumps showing?” “Is my tie straight?” “Will I get that job?” “Oh no! I can’t give a presentation”, “Everybody is now looking at me.” “I won’t be able to pass that test or exam.”  If we boil down all that stress, anxiety, fear, phobias, panic attacks and depression, we will see that we are viewing “ourselves first.” And central to that “view” is that voice in our head.  It has been speaking to us for such a long time we don’t even recognise that it is there most of the time.  It is just ‘us.’  “Where did that voice come from?” “Who put it there?”  “Was I born with it?” These are all valid questions.  The answer is that the voice is the collective outcome of all our previous experiences, and the feedback that was received through our senses along with the interpretation our sub-conscious mind put on them.

Included in that information will be all the comments made by the people around us. Some of which will be of a positive nature.  However, if we review the number of times we are told, especially as young children, “No, don’t do that.” “Stop doing that.” “I will tell your father when he gets home.” “Sit still.” etc.,  these negative, non-encouraging comments, which do nothing to build your self-esteem and confidence, will have triggered your body’s self-preservation protective responses and created a template which your subconscious will from then on attempt to keep you away from such ‘similar’ events. Part of this template will be an emotional response to that event.  When a possible further event that the subconscious matches to that template appears to be about to occur, ‘Bang’, the emotional memory of the first event will be triggered as a warning to you of ‘danger.’  This will cause your blood pressure to rise, your heart will start to beat faster and adrenaline will be released into your body to enable you to run, fight or freeze.  These are all viewed by you as the symptoms of your panic attack, fear, anxiety, stress, and even depression, when in fact it only your body trying to protect you from further disappointment and pain.  With the use of Hypnotherapy, it is possible to revisit those past events that are acting as the ‘triggers’ that are causing your symptoms to manifest now.  Why continue to be manipulated and prevented from being the person you really want to be, and can be?  Take back control of your life.  Re-write your future now.

By Leslie R Staines.