Injury Will Prevent The Fluid Golf Swing.

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Steve Kirby

Injury Will Prevent The Fluid Golf Swing.

Posted by Steve Kirby 1456 Days Ago

Injury Will Prevent The Fluid Golf Swing.

You can’t do a thing if you’ve not got that swing. Sounds like words from an old song, but believe me having treated quite a few golfers these are words I hear quite a lot. When that injury occurs, you won’t have that Swing.

Let’s face it folks when it comes to golf it is all about the swing, and the follow through and if you can’t do that then you are not playing golf, at least not how you should be. To develop a good fluid swing being physically relaxed and more supple, makes for a better functional swing, from the back swing to the follow through. Speed comes from the more relaxed posture.

First of all you need to get the basics right. It makes a fundamental difference. Did you know that a move that is wrong in the first place will always be wrong. When you learn to play your muscles adjust accordingly so if you have been taught the right positions it will follow that your body will adapt accordingly. The same applies if you learn the wrong moves from bad positioning. Those same muscles movements will be repeated again and again. Breaking bad habits in position is harder to do than you would think so start right and then improve.

You have to set up right and develop a solid swing technique. To do this you must be able to move your body as freely as possible.

Poor flexibility is a key risk factor for a golf injury

You have to start with balance and for balance you need to have good support from your core muscles i.e. your transverse abdominals.  Your weight should be in the middles of your feet. This balance is essential and this is when your glutes and hamstrings come in to their own. You need this balance both left to right and back to front.

You need to be able to push your hips back, angle your spine toward the ball and  flex your knees. If you have good posture it helps with balance and stability. I am not going to tell you how to make each move you need to be learning as that of a professional player. Most clubs have one or two Sports Massage Therapists who for a fee will get you training on the right road. There are also lots of videos out there to help.

Another problem for golf players are injuries due to overuse of muscles. Yes you need to practice and it can be addictive, but you need to have time out to rest. Unless you are a professional player, you are likely to also have a full time job and golf is your hobby, your interest, your sport of choice so you will have to be able to do your normal job as well as having time for golf.  Don’t let your hobby takeover your job. It needs to be fun and something you look forward to, it needs to be something you enjoy, not a chore and certainly not a pain in any shape or form. Golf is great exercise, far from being a passive sport that does not require any real degree of fitness. Golf incorporates cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and even balance and coordination. You may not realise this, but golf even helps in the prevention of brain degradation, which can result in loss of memory. Golfing forces you to remember plays, numbers, images, even specific techniques and tips. Therefore you are in a win-win situation; it is  a great all-around way to exercise both body and mind.

Golf uses a number of different muscles throughout the body; from your neck, shoulders, hips, knees down to your feet and to be at your best and help you execute that winning golf driver swing, you have to keep them supple.


This is where regular massage can be of great benefit to your training regime. By usingthese treatments will help improve your mobility, balance not to mention increase strength and power.

Hydrotherm Massage works deeper than orthodox massage aiding “Vasodilatation “or a good blood supply to all your muscles. Lying on beds of heated water will rejuvenate your muscles and help to give muscle strength and a greater range of motion to aid your game.

With the aid of The Bioneuro Therapy system the sigma Q technology will work deeply into those deep muscle areas, more than other therapies available, e.g. lower back to enhance your core stability and body movement.

Our aim is to keep you fit, flexible and free to play a great round of golf.