Look Into My Eyes. The Pitfalls of being a Hypnotherapist

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Anthony Kelly

Look Into My Eyes. The Pitfalls of being a Hypnotherapist

Posted by Anthony Kelly 1153 Days Ago

Since I qualified as a hypnotherapist some friends/family/strangers wont look me in the eye. Only a few days ago at a networking event my husband (also an NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapist) without meaning to started hypnotising someone whilst explaining hypnotism!

One friend's main concern was, 'You'll know my deepest, darkest secrets.'

The outcome being I do not have sessions with friends or family unless they come and ask me specifically. These being the same people who have told their life story to complete strangers on a bus or train. It's quite amusing that I'm viewed as somehow having a magical power over them.


'Look into my eyes and focus on the pendulum whilst wearing my black turtle neck jumper, yes, that's right, now you are under my spell. Now I have complete control over what you do or say. I pull the strings, yes now dance or bark like a chicken!'


OK let's debunk a myth, hypnosis like NLP is a 'do with process, not a do to'. You are in control, you choose to shut your eyes or allow yourself to get into a totally relaxed state.

'But you have power over me and you'll make me do silly things. I'm right because I've seen Paul Mc Kenna, Derren Brown etc. stage shows.'

 Correct in one aspect, they are a show for entertainment. 'Show, 'clue's in the word. The audience member will volunteer or be specifically chosen by the host as to whether they are responsive enough to do the exercise/technique and hypnosis.

Loss of control is the fear that people have or looking silly in front of an audience. Hypnosis is used in very positive and beneficial ways e.g. relaxation, weight goals, smoking cessation and numerous other conditions, all adding up to a positive result.

Admittedly I do have harmless fun sometimes when asked what I do. I look straight into their eyes to see the reaction and it usually gets a laugh.

Hypnosis is not magic, the magic is in you to achieve fantastic outcomes, however I can wear a pointy hat if you wish.

Susan Kelly ASKNLP & Hypnotherapy