Make Your Dreams Come True

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Make Your Dreams Come True

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As we are just over a week into our New Year I am wishing that you are gradually moving forward in the direction of your dreams. If on the other hand you still feel stuck or like you have ‘failed’ at the plan you had set, please don’t be hard on yourself, know that with each new moment you can choose again. You have all the time in the world…

The New Year is a perfect example of what each new moment represents for us, it is a time that we view as a chance for a fresh start and to set our intentions and goals for ourselves. Think of each and every moment as a microcosm of the New Year, it is a brand new moment, you can choose something new for yourself. Don’t beat yourself up over having that piece of chocolate that you vowed not to eat for a month, it’s not a fail, it’s not all or nothing, you don’t have to think ‘I might as well go and eat more chocolate because the healthy eating is ruined anyway’. You don’t have to wait until next New Year to start again, every moment is a fresh start, choose again, ask yourself, what do I want out of life? Who do I want to be?

You can think, say and do something completely different to what you have done before, you are not defined by your past and nothing is set in stone. You have the power to choose, it is only conditioning from our past experience that makes us believe otherwise. We can create who we are in every moment. Change is exciting, it opens up endless possibilities. Change can often feel scary because the outcome is unknown and we worry ‘have I made the right decision?’ The good news is, there is no right decision, every decision will bring you different but wonderful new opportunities. If at another time it no longer feels like the right decision for you or you realise you feel off track, choose something new for yourself.

Follow your heart, trust yourself and take that leap of faith in the direction of your dreams and each new change that follows will feel less and less scary and more and more liberating.

The possibilities are unlimited and so are you!

“We need never be bound by the limitations of our previous or current thinking, nor are we ever locked into being the person we used to be, or think we are” (Allan Lokos)

The Law of Attraction

I strongly believe in the Law of Attraction which is the idea that ‘all our thoughts and the dominant feelings connected to our thoughts will later manifest as our reality’. This is why positive thinking is so vital to the achievement of our goals.

I know this is easier said than done when we first start to work on increasing our self-belief and our belief that anything is possible. The good news is that our subconscious mind accepts what you keep saying as the truth and attracts corresponding events and situations into your life.

This is where the power of the Positive Affirmation comes in. An affirmation is ‘a positive statement of something good as if it true now’. Using positive affirmations, even if you don’t believe it to be true right now, will eventually attract the life you wish. You will begin to truly believe anything is possible and that you are worthy of your dreams.

Positive Affirmation Exercise

I invite you to write your very own positive affirmation to sum up your intention and biggest desire for the year as if you were living it right now.

Finish the following sentence: 

“I am…

Stick your affirmation somewhere where you will see it every day, it could even be the wallpaper on your mobile phone. The key is persistence, keep the faith and be committed to your own growth and it will happen.

I share with you my personal affirmations as examples:

  • I am living my life purpose to the full
  • I am fully supported in every way and I open my arms to abundance
  • I live in the present and enjoy every moment of my life
  • I am healthy and balanced in mind, body and spirit

You have the power to create and achieve anything you want in life as long as you believe and give positive attention to your desires at every opportunity.

My Doreen Virtue Angel Therapy Oracle Card today was ‘Visualize Success’ which is perfect for this theme of making our dreams come true. The card confirms that “when you expect the best, you inspire the best in yourself and others.”

If we expect our dreams to come true, they will. Having faith and a clear vision in any situation will lead to a successful outcome. The angels can help us with this, we just need to ask. The card offers the following exercise as a perfect way to do this…

Visualise Success Exercise 

“Relax while staring at a lit white candle, and imagine yourself in the actual situation doing beautifully well. See and feel everyone involved as smiling, happy and fulfilled. Allow yourself to feel safe and secure in your stomach and all throughout your mind and body. Give any concerns about how this positive outcome will occur to God and the angels. The “how” is taken care of by God’s infinite wisdom and love.” 

I came across the following quote when reading The Artist’s Way this week which sums up beautifully the message I wish to share with you today:

“Your desire is your prayer. Picture the fulfilment of your desire now and feel its reality and you will experience the joy of the answered prayer” (Dr Joseph Murphy)

I pray that you achieve all your dreams for 2016, I know you have the power should you choose to step into it with grace and gratitude.


Becky Rozanski