Massage and Neuromuscular Techniques work for our more mature clients

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Steve Kirby

Massage and Neuromuscular Techniques work for our more mature clients

Posted by Steve Kirby 1474 Days Ago

Following a fall, Edith sought help and advice from myself, with help from her daughter Lee.

Edith had already been attended to by paramedics at the scene of her accident and medical staff in Accident & Emergency at the hospital who were pleased to report she had not suffered a fracture. She was allowed home with painkillers, but unfortunately Edith didn’t feel they were aiding her recovery.

 Lee began looking for alternative help and found “Get Fit Stay Fit Norfolk” in, our local magazine

The two ladies expected to be given rehabilitative exercises for Edith to perform and were surprised and overjoyed when the treatment prescribed was a Hydrotherm Massage. This was Edith’s first massage in her 97 years and she enjoyed the sensation of laying on a bed of hot water whilst being massaged. It brought relief from her pain and a feel good factor too, allowing her to relax and enjoy the treatment.

We believe quality of life is the major factor, and being able to accelerate regeneration of chronically damaged skeletal muscles at whatever age, is very important.

Before her accident Edith had uncomfortable back pain, so Steve also administered treatment with the Bioneuro System, which works deeply into muscles which cannot be reached by other therapeutic devices.

‘Mum is on the up and the two treatments have been miraculous and amazing. This has already enhanced mum’s health in general,’ said Lee. ‘Mum has been able to half the painkillers that she was told were her future.’

Edith has had a few more treatment sessions with us and she is now feeling so much better. She is back to her Knit & Natter days and is a lot more mobile. As for the painkillers, she has no need for them.

So leaving the last word to Edith

“Wonderful, I have a new lease of life and a turn for the better. If you have an injury causing you pain and discomfort, whatever your age, please give Steve a call at Get Fit Stay Fit Norfolk”