Movement Habits That Harm and How To Kick Them

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Keith Graham

Movement Habits That Harm and How To Kick Them

Posted by Keith Graham 132 Days Ago

Hi, and welcome to Movement Habits That Harm and How To Kick Them â€‹

Part of what I do in my daily practice as a Rolfer and manual therapist is to work with my hands on the client. Using various types of touch, I attempt to move fluid around the body, unstick fascial layers, talk nicely to neural pathways and coax frightened, tight muscles to let go.

The other part of my job is to notice postural and movement patterns. Particularly those that are causing pain and discomfort. When I see these "unhelpful habits" my job is then to help the client experience new more helpful movement options. Sometimes we begin this movement work during the treatment. Most often though the habit needs a little more time to change. So I give my clients new movement experiments as homework, to practice between treatments. After 18 years of being asked, “could you maybe email me instructions for the homework?” I had a lightbulb moment
Why don't I make pre-printed hand out sheets for some of the most common homework suggestions? 

Yeh, I really don't know why it took me 18 years to figure this out, Duh!)

Anyway, so cutting it short, I began writing down some of these homework suggestions and what started out as a chore soon became a thing of joy. I discovered that these short “how to” pieces seemed to need some what’s, why’s and when’s too. My original intention of producing handout sheets had expanded. I also realised that illustrations where required and that its a right pain in the butt trying to find copyright free images. I have therefore enjoyed making my own drawings. (they will get better the more I practice, I promise) 

The hand out sheets have metamorphosed into blogs. The blogs have spawned a new website. The new website has given my wife Angie and me a unique platform from which to share our ideas on ways to feel better. And all of that is very exciting for us so thank you for visiting.

I have written only from my own experience of what has worked for my clients over the years. With some added research to keep it real and hopefully accurate. I have found that I have quite a bit to say about MHTH and even more to say about HTKT. 

I hope that you enjoy these occasional blogs and that some of my movement observations resonate with you. Even more than that, I hope that the exercise suggestions liberate your body from Harmful Habits, from movement restrictions and from pain. 


Keith Graham

Article written by Keith Graham - Guildford

I use Reā€¢Set Rolfing to help people and animals stand straighter, move more easily, have more energy and feel less pain.
Please feel free to contact me about booking a session at one of my practices in London, Surrey or on the Isle of Wight

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