Past Life Regression and how your past lives can affect your present life

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Niki Cassar

Past Life Regression and how your past lives can affect your present life

Posted by Niki Cassar 1810 Days Ago

It seems that an increasing number of people are beginning to ‘remember’ their past lives, or at least to get glimpses of them, either in dreams or whilst in the waking state.  Very often, the very small conscious mind (your temporary memory) will then pop up and say something like ‘Oh, I’m just making it up’ and no further action is taken, or at least not immediately.

The cumulative effect of exploring past lives

For those who are ready to ‘heed the call’ and seek out a professionally-trained regression therapist; the wisdom, learning and benefits of exploring past lives can have a profound and life-changing effect on their current life.  Re-visiting their past lives by doing several regression sessions most certainly has a cumulative effect.  You might like to think of it as a join-the-dots picture of you, in your current life.  It starts off as a blank page with lots of dots or numbers, and with each one that you join up, the picture becomes clearer, until they’re all joined up and the whole picture emerges – and what a beautiful picture it is!

Healthy mind, healthy body

Recalling events – both positive and negative – from past lives helps the infinite subconscious part of our mind (our permanent memory) to make adjustments to the daily information it feeds to us.  If this information is out-of-date, faulty, or based on misperception, it will cause us emotional and physiological problems that will increase with age. With every update, we have an increasing sense of freedom that allows us to let go of old negative patterns of thought and behaviour and create new positive patterns, that in turn lead to us living our lives in a more peaceful, positive and joyful way as we attract more of the same towards us.  This is known as the ‘law of attraction’.  That old adage ‘healthy mind, healthy body’ is oh so true!

Discovering your life intentionality

Another advantage of regression is that discovering your intentionality for this current life, based on what you’ve already learnt in your past lives and what you haven’t yet learnt but know that you want to. In a deep state of hypnosis, you are able to experience being in the ‘between life’ state that goes by many names and descriptions; heaven, bardo, nirvana, paradise, tian, afterlife, the other side, being just a few.  For those who have joyfully re-experienced the pure love of being back in this space or dimension whilst in hypnosis, the name ‘home’ seems to be the one that most resonates.

Imagine that when you’re between lives, you have an ongoing checklist which has all the information about what you want to learn in each of your lives and details of how you want to experience the learning.  At the end of each life, you return to this checklist and tick off:

  • How well you've done and what you've achieved
  • What you feel you might have done better or differently, and...
  • What you didn't complete or haven't yet achieved

You then ‘carry forward’ the unfinished business to this virtual checklist for the next life.  There’s no criticism or judgement or any suggestion that ‘you could have done better’.  That’s reserved for humans! 

Finding the best past life therapist for you

  • First, mentally set your intention for what you would like to achieve
  • Are you looking for a one-off session for the experience, or can you see the benefits of doing several sessions?
  • Are you willing to travel a fair way to see someone (if it 'feels' right), or is it important to see someone in your locality?

Next, start your internet search with your own criteria and open up any websites that seem to jump out at you (starting of course with  Briefly scan through them and notice how you feel.  Even websites carry the energy of the person who has created them. When you happen upon a website that feels good and you find yourself drawn to that particular person, then trust that feeling and make contact – preferably by phone if you can.

You’ve taken the first step on a wonderful journey of discovery, but be warned - it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever want to turn back!

Niki Cassar

Article written by Niki Cassar - Templecombe

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