Reflections—Full Moon in Cancer— December 30th 2020

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Ingrid Hoffman

Reflections—Full Moon in Cancer— December 30th 2020

Posted by Ingrid Hoffman 21 Days Ago

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards—Søren Aabye Kierkegaard
This is the last Full Moon of 2020, a year that has been so arduous and painful for so many of us. We may be clinging to a raft in an ocean of grief. We may be sitting with the familiar ache of depression that tightens like a shell around us. We may be straining against the tension of our circumstances. Sensing that something is unresolved within us.
Yet, this watery Cancer Moon squares Chiron and makes a poignant trine to Neptune, signifying the poultice of Grace and compassion that may draw up the sorrow and stuckness.
As this old year draws to an end, we stand on the shoreline of new possibilities.
So tonight, gently breathe out the grief that lingers in the lungs. We may not be able to erase the difficult, but as the Moonbeams caress the Earth, may we bless those who have journeyed with us this year. In this space between the old year and the new, may we allow our hearts to enter an inner sanctuary of silence and renewal. May we live our lives forward and draw forth possibilities for healing and Love. May we prepare for a journey of awakening and wonder.
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Warmest Wishes, Ingrid.

Ingrid Hoffman

Article written by Ingrid Hoffman - Bristol

I am always drawn to our very human stories. I studied journalism and worked on television and magazines before discovering my life-long passion for astrology 34 years ago. Astrology has helped frame and add meaning to my own journey, and has inspired me to reflect on what it is to... [read more]

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