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Lesley Jepps

Reflexology for sub fertility and pregnancy

Posted by Lesley Jepps

1231 Days Ago

I have been practicing for 24 years and done extra post graduate courses on fertility and pregnancy. This has enabled me to use techniques on the feet while doing a treatment of reflexology, to either help with more relaxation or balance certain areas to help with conception or ladies who are already pregnant. Over the years, ladies have been conceiving after a course of treatment, when they have been struggling to achieve this.

Reflexology is of great help to relax those who are anxious and stressed about this situation, and when tension is released, the reproductive and endocrine system can work at their best, and do what they are meant to do.  Reflexology is best used when there is no reason found for sub fertility and couples have tried for over a year to conceive.  There are linking techniques on the feet, between the ovary and Uterus, and the pituitary and ovary which can help the hormonal system to balance.  Working the pituitary can balance this too.   Relaxation between treatments is vital and usually the client has better quality sleep. Eating organic produce helps the body to cope better without adding chemicals to the system. Men should beware of having a lap top on their knees, as this interferes with sperm production. So too do hot baths and too much unaccustomed exercise for both partners. Tight underpants can be a problem as well; so too is alcohol.  Using Reflexology with IVF OR IUI may be of great benefit to relax the client before the procedure. Why not have some sessions of reflexology to help you. 

One lady who came for treatment, had reflexology for a year, with treatments spaced apart, after an initial six weekly sessions. She had tried for 14 years to conceive, and at the end of that time, she had IVF and was successful. She now has a lovely 7 year old boy.

Those who are already pregnant and have reached 13 weeks may find that Reflexology can relax them, and assist with morning sickness, tiredness, worry and oedema. Even the baby can benefit from this deep relaxation, and mothers have reported that after birth, their babies love having their feet massaged!

Lesley Jepps

Article written by Lesley Jepps - Crowborough

i have been practicing REFLEXOLOGY FOR 24yrs and am a member of the ASSOCIATION OF REFLEXOLOGISTS.
i also practice REIKI
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