Regain control

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Julie Modla

Regain control

Posted by Julie Modla 2127 Days Ago

Saying yes when you want to say no, neglecting to take care of yourself by ignoring your own feelings. Judging yourself, trying to live up to others expectations of us. There is an ideal of perfection, perfect husband/wife/partner, perfect home maker, perfect parent. What status we should aspire to, what lifestyle we should lead, becoming the best version of what everybody else wants of you. 

All these pressures over time can create anxiety, depression, resentment, anger, guilt, emptiness and jealousy; the list goes on and on. Carrying these emotional burdens around with us can lead to turning to various substances as a means of escape.For some the comfort is in eating, for others its cigarettes, or drugs, both prescribed or not, and alcohol; all taken with the intention of blocking out and numbing certain feelings and emotions.

So what do you get in return? Feeling relaxed? Being able to concentrate? Something to lean on? 

Eventually, you forget what it's like to have the freedom, to relax naturally, to have choices. Maybe you have come to a tipping point in your life and want to create balance; to stop feeling controlled and be in control.