Serpent Supermoon-April 27th.

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Ingrid Hoffman

Serpent Supermoon-April 27th.

Posted by Ingrid Hoffman 89 Days Ago

To heal is to touch with love that which we previously touched with fear-Stephen Levine.


Tonight, a full-bellied Supermoon dusts the sky with silver. You may notice that she nudges protectively close to her sister earth and that her light appears brighter, her face, larger than usual.

The Moon is in Scorpio tonight, and Scorpio has long been associated with snakes that shed their skins; with the mythical Phoenix that flies from the ashes.

We are steeped in patriarchal values, so we pay attention to the Moon’s meeting with the Sun (symbol of solar power, the Masculine) at the New Moon, and when she opposes the Sun when the Moon is Full. Yet the Moon’s passage around the earth carries far more potential to touch our lives than just twice a month-her position changes every hour as she moves 13.2 degrees a day as she contacts other planets and the angles in our birth charts.

Our ancestors would have travelled by the light of the Supermoon, and there have been big full moons for millennia. American astrologer, Richard Nolle, coined the term Supermoon, in 1979 and social media has popularised the term. We've begun to borrow from the native Americans and old farmers’ almanacs for terms like pink moon-the Full Moon that cast her light over the spring wildflower, the beautiful pink phlox subulate.

This is the first of two Supermoons that will cast light over a troubled earth in 2021. The next one will be on May 26th.

Astrologically, Supermoons amplify and illuminate those areas in our lives, casting their silvery luminescence on what might have been obscured or denied. Tonight’s Full Moon in Scorpio offers the opportunity to shift a stalemate that has been weighing heavy on your heart, the strength to finally let go of those things we no longer need, the courage to adapt and regenerate as we continue to live in this time of a global pandemic.

Scorpio is connected with the element of water; with the final release of death, the painful process of decay. There may be tears that must flow tonight. A purifying ritual to cleanse and release. Words that must be spoken with love that bring deep healing and closure. Pluto (death, irrevocable endings, rebirth) turns stationary retrograde this Tuesday, (April 27-October 6th) returning to the shadows, dredging up those things that have been buried or denied collectively and personally if Pluto moves across the planets in your own birth chart. Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio, and during this retrograde period we may become aware of how we use or misuse our power. Pluto is associated with sex, taxes, death, and the subconscious. Pluto dredges up the detritus in our relationships; exposes the painful circumstances of life that lacerate our hearts, transform us in some way.

There are four planets in earthy security-seeking Taurus, and the disruptive Saturn-Uranus square (restriction/freedom/ the old and the new) will affect all our lives in some way until December as our illusion of “security” is shattered; as financial and social shocks rock our sense of safety, as we learn new ways of living bravely amidst a global pandemic as we reset our spiritual compass.

One of the most healing things you can do is recognize where in your life you are your own poison-Steve Maraboli.


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