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Caroline Stagg

'So what actually is coaching?'

Posted by Caroline Stagg

874 Days Ago

When I tell people what I do, a lot of people ask “so what actually is coaching?” I’m going to try to answer that here.

Coaching is a tool that lots of people make use of at different times in their life when they want to change things. This might be a specific thing like losing weight or getting a new job or getting a promotion, or something a little more general like being more effective at work or communicating better with their partner, or it might be that they want to develop new skills.

Coaching comes from the perspective that people are naturally capable, creative and resourceful and have the potential to change their lives. But when you have to live your life at the same time as changing it, good intentions can just make a deeper and deeper rut. It’s difficult to do everything you need to do and yet make time focus on what else you need to do to take action on your plan or dream and make life-changing choices.

Coaching gives you space to find your own answers by looking in detail at what is going on for you and what you really want. Your coach will listen to what is said and what is unsaid. You can rely on your coach to tell you the truth and you will both remain curious as you look into all the corners. Your coach will hold you to account to follow through with what you choose to change, keeping you moving forward towards what you want.

Coaching can pay attention to your whole life because any issue that you are working on is woven into your whole life. But you can still choose to limit the coaching conversation to a very specific aspect of your life if that’s what you want.

However, your coach can ask powerful questions to break through your old defences and point out to you ways of thinking that might stop you getting what you want, or that keep you playing  a 'small game'. If you choose to engage at a deeper level, you can get to a deeper understanding of yourself and what you want; how you engage with other people and the world. 

This can make the difference between “aaah” and “ahaa!”

Caroline Stagg helps managers, leaders and entrepreneurs achieve breakthroughs in their career, business and life, resulting in new approaches and strategies, less procrastination and increased rapport with others. She has over 25 years of business experience. BSc psychology. Diplomas in personal performance and corporate and executive coaching.

Caroline Stagg

Article written by Caroline Stagg - London

I help creative entrepreneurs, leaders & managers to achieve a breakthrough."Caroline allowed me to move from a state of frustration & confusion to one of clarity & power. Her coaching totally changed my professional mindset" FREE 30 MIN CONSULTATION

Self-awareness & personal intelligence coach: habits we're not aware of can have effects... [read more]

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