Tim Humphries

The Benefits of Exercise

Posted by Tim Humphries Over 1 Year Ago

The Benefits of Exercise   

There are many reasons why exercise is beneficial but it depends on what it is you want to achieve that determines the type of exercise you undertake. Whether you want to strengthen muscles, stretch tight muscles or joints, improve exercise tolerance or lose weight there is an exercise regime that can help.

What is known, however, is that the benefits of exercise occur over time and with perseverance rather than any change happening within days.  The benefits are also reversible meaning that the gains made can be lost if you stop exercising. This does not mean, however, that we all need to join a gym and go three times a week for life.

Whilst many of my patients are given specific exercises that are relevant to their particular problem, all of them are encouraged to remain as active as possible through participating in normal activities such as walking, cycling, gardening or whatever it is that they enjoy doing. Enjoyment is very important as it is this that will allow an individual to exercise over time which is where the benefits can be gained.

Even if you have medical problems the chances are that you would benefit from gentle exercise. People with heart problems, asthma or arthritis can all benefit from the physiological changes that occur with exercise. Being careful not to over do it, gentle, regular exercise can:

-         Increase the efficiency of the heart.

-         Allow the lungs to expand a little more helping the oxygen to transfer to the blood more effectively.

-         Help with blood circulation around the body.

-         Reduce pressure areas caused by extended periods of sitting.

-         Improve mental wellbeing.

-         Improve stamina and exercise tolerance.