Judy Bartkowiak

The important difference between beliefs and facts

Posted by Judy Bartkowiak Reiki Practitioner 100 Days Ago

There's a great exercise I do that kids really love and you can replicate this yourself, have a go!

Type a list of all the wierd and wonderful and mad things your children say about key aspects of their life. Here are some of the ones I use

Homework is boring

My mum doesn't understand me

My teacher picks on me

I'm stupid

I can't concentrate 

I'll never get anywhere because I am dyslexic

Boys are annoying

Girls are silly 


Now you'll notice that these are deliberately contraversial and very sweeping generalisations know, children say these things. 

They use words like always/no-one/never/ these are generalisations and are therefore almost never true but the exceptions are so interesting aren't they? 

Now print off your list and laminate it. Then guilotine the phrases so you have a sheaf of strips of paper with these phrases on.

Now, ask your child to divide them into two separate lists

1 - beliefs 

2 - facts

I wouldn't explain the difference unless they are quite young and really don't know. How I usually explain the difference is by saying 

"we talk about believing in Father Christmas or The Tooth Fairy don't we?" 

"we know that 2+2 = 4" 

Hold back from correcting their lists until they're satisfied that they have finished. Now go through the 'facts' and ask them how they know this to be true. Some may now be moved into the belief pile. 

Next go through the belief pile or list and ask them to divide this lot into 

'limiting beliefs' - beliefs that stop us or limit what we can do

'resourceful beliefs' - beliefs that help us move forward in what we want to do

Finally discuss any beliefs that used to be limiting and now are not. What happened to change them? 

Discuss how they could change any current limiting beliefs into resourceful beliefs. 

I think you'll find this exercise fun, enlightening and empowering for you and your child.