The Whole of the Moon—Full Moon in Libra—March 28th.

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Ingrid Hoffman

The Whole of the Moon—Full Moon in Libra—March 28th.

Posted by Ingrid Hoffman 21 Days Ago

No person, no place, and no thing has any power over us, for 'we' are the only thinkers in our mind.
When we create peace and harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives— Louise Hay.
In the metaphorical language of astrology, the Libran part of our own birth chart will be illuminated this weekend as we move to the rhythm of the Full Moon’s feather-light touch and practice the art of relating to others in an uncertain world.
This weekend we all move to the rhythm of the Moon as she makes an energising trine with Mars and the North Node in Gemini as well as to Saturn in Aquarius, offering us an opportunity to pay attention to how we walk across the balance beam of life. If we tune into the Moon’s conversation with Mars and Saturn we dare to stand our ground, take the initiative, bring some sense of resolution to a lingering dilemma. We may refuse to shrink when someone tries to shame and tame us into silence. We may choose to listen even though we don’t agree.
This Full Moon in the sign of Libra (8° Libra) tips conclusions and clarity from the shining pair of scales. As we bathe in the moonlight, we may become aware of what feels lopsided, out of kilter. We may feel ourselves pulled into the dust storm of agitation, tempted to tumble from the beam, yet when the Moon arrives with grace and charm, she offers the opening of compromise, the healing of reconciliation. She carries all the experiences we have harvested since October 16th when an expectant New Moon (23 ° degrees Libra) seeded our dreams with new longings that may have taken months to gestate.
Venus, the ruler of this Full Moon made her annual superior conjunction with the Sun on March 25th marking a point of transition, a symbolic shifting point. She will reappear in all her glittering brilliance on the heavenly stage as an evening star by late April. This Full Moon will reflect the state of our relationships. The bonds of love and loyalty that bind. The untethered ambiguity of those casual encounters that so easily tilt and topple. Our celestial instruction this weekend is to adjust, realign, and re-establish our sense of balance.
Libra is associated with the solemn ritual of marriage, the ethics of contracts and agreements. Research links happy committed relationship to lower stress levels, better immune function, and lower mortality rates, as oxytocin and vasopressin activate parts of the brain associated with calm, even the suppression of anxiety and pain. Mystic John O’ Donohue writes, “when we approach each other and become one, a new fluency comes alive. A lost world retrieves itself when our words build a new circle.”
Chag Pesach Samech to all who are celebrating this weekend.
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Ingrid Hoffman

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