Truth be Told - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse - June 9th

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Ingrid Hoffman

Truth be Told - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse - June 9th

Posted by Ingrid Hoffman 113 Days Ago

Tonight the curtain rises to reveal this summer's eclipse season as an uncompromising lunar eclipse in Sagittarius tells it like it is.
Today’s Full Moon Eclipse in the element of fire symbolises the incineration and purification by fire of unexamined prejudices as all that is rotten in our societies rises through the cracks of inequality.
As tensions erupt in cities and communities all over the world, as people march in solidarity for those who have suffered for far too long, we are reminded that returning to the status quo will exclude millions of people on this planet. Sagittarius is about freedom, truth, legal systems. This lunation spotlights the urgent need for systemic reform as deeply embedded prejudices and inequalities are revealed. This lunation reminds us that Love comes naturally to the human heart.
Lunar eclipses draw us back to the past, remind us of what is left unspoken, undone, not fully grieved or healed. The word, eclipse comes from the ancient Greek, ékleipsis, meaning I abandon, go missing, vanish, leave behind.
Eclipses energise our lives very six months. They enclose certain themes, herald changes in our lives, points of departure.
Some astrologers call eclipses ‘wild cards’ as they act without warning, polarise the highs and lows, amplify the extremities.
As we watch the full moon rising over the roof tops or fields tonight, we may be reminded that we cannot emerge from this lock-down and go back to the way we were. We may still have a lingering regret, something to bury and grieve, a thought, a behaviour, a belief, to leave behind.
The eclipsed Moon is in a tense square to Mars in Pisces, amplifying our emotions and our compassion for those who suffer, those who have no voice.
Venus in Retrograde may feel as frustrating and confusing as a Mercury Retrograde cycle. Venus is moving through Mercury’s sign of Gemini, the Twins, as we grapple with either or decisions, as old trauma resurfaces in a relationship, as we meet ghosts from the past.
Today we begin a new series of eclipses as the Nodes move through the sign of the Gemini and Sagittarius. The north node (what we aspire to grow towards) is in Gemini (media, communication, gossip, networking, local communities, siblings), and the south node (where we are coming from) is in Sagittarius (foreign travel, expansion, legal system, courts of law, publishing, belief systems, faith.)
There will be three more eclipses this year: a total solar eclipse on the Solstice of June 21st, a lunar eclipse on July 5th; and a lunar eclipse on November 30th. These eclipses highlight the fault lines in our societies, expose our collective shadow, present unexpected twists and turns on our journey through life.
In the light of this Full Moon tonight, let’s be reminded of our human capacity to Imagine, to Love and to Hope.
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Ingrid Hoffman

Article written by Ingrid Hoffman - Bristol

I am always drawn to our very human stories. I studied journalism and worked on television and magazines before discovering my life-long passion for astrology 34 years ago. Astrology has helped frame and add meaning to my own journey, and has inspired me to reflect on what it is to... [read more]

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