Watermark—Scorpio New Moon—November 14th/15th

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Ingrid Hoffman

Watermark—Scorpio New Moon—November 14th/15th

Posted by Ingrid Hoffman 21 Days Ago

Healing begins where the wound was made—Alice Walker
“Endings seem to lie in wait” wrote mystic and poet, John O’Donohue who died so suddenly as he slept in the January of 2008.
The Moon is wrapped in darkness this weekend. Collectively, perhaps personally, we’re at a time of ending. We’re in the gap between the equinox and the solstice, we’re in the “fall” as the earth cools in the North, as the light begins to fade. Shimmering spiderwebs hang heavy from the hedgerows, adorned with diamonds of dew. In the south, the ancient rhythm of the earth stirs uneasily as the days lengthen, as the searing summer heat carries the desert sands on scorching breath of the wind.
We’re at a threshold crossing. Months of prolonged uncertainty may have placed enormous strain on our relationships. We’ve been home schooling, lonely, dislocated, confused, afraid. Our leaders are divided amongst themselves. We're polarised and splintered, hurt and angry; and as Jupiter conjoins with Pluto, Covid-19 cases rise.
This lunation follows the final Pluto/Jupiter conjunction of November 12th and Mars, traditional ruler of Scorpio, turns direct in Aries on November 13th. Mars races through Aries until January. Between November 9th and 19th, Venus opposes Mars, and both will form a cardinal T-square to the Capricorn stellium of Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn. There’s nothing light and bright and have a nice day about the energy of the moment.
This weekend, a dark Moon embraces the Sun at 23 ° Scorpio and makes an opportunistic sextile to Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. If we use this energy wisely we may be receptive to a new direction in our lives; if we are ill in body or mind, this may mark the beginning of a deeper healing and recovery.
With Scorpio there can be no compromises. For some this may be a time of reconnecting to that deep well of our creative life, surrendering to our authentic selves with a sense of ease and belonging. For us all this may be a time to remember that for all our apparent differences, our human hearts look just the same.
Saturn and Jupiter meet on the winter Solstice. This heralded “Great Mutation” of air planets speaks of light and shadow as we enter this new epoch. There may be social change, new laws, progressive new inventions. There may be totalitarianism and persecution.
Deep healing and lasting change won’t happen on this New Moon, or at mystical gateways, magical portals, Great Mutations, or on any made-up date with numbers that rhyme. “Gestations requires protected space. Ripening requires both permeability to the outer, and non-disturbance,” writes Jane Hirshfield.
Our societies, our relationships require time and tenderness to heal the cracks and fissures that have widened during this year of struggle and strain. A miracle cure for COVID-19 won’t arrive neatly wrapped under the Christmas tree.
But this is a beginning. We may not yet see clearly what we are leaving behind, what we are about to enter.
The spirit of our times is the spirit of our collective thoughts and intentions. Our private thoughts mingle with the private thoughts of myriad human beings and affect the unwavering advance of world events. The immeasurable power of our blessings and prayers directed towards a situation or an outcome can transform people and circumstances if animated with Love.
As we embrace the healing energy of this New Moon in Scorpio this weekend, may we feel an internal clarity about our purpose and bring the light of our love to the dark places around us.
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Article written by Ingrid Hoffman - Bristol

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