What can Find a Therapy do for me?

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Peter Hafferty

What can Find a Therapy do for me?

Posted by Peter Hafferty 1643 Days Ago

Statistics show us that struggles with life issues affect far more people (now) than many of us would guess.

Many of us will try to get by, maybe share with a friend, partner, spouse. However a lot of folks prefer to keep these issues private. Maybe they worry what others might think of them.

A few brave souls go to their GP. There are some pretty good GP's out there who will listen and try to help. Many GP's can arrange a referral to a talk-based treatment service.

Many of these services are very good but require you to fit their way of operating- The hours they work, the referral systems, what treatments are on offer, information they gather from you, waiting times etc. Many services need to "ration" the number of sessions you'd receive.

I'm not knocking them- They work within or alongside the NHS with limited funding, trying to meet a growing number of "service users" as you'd be called once on their books. If you fit into their way of working then that should be fine. But what if you don't want to risk that?

With "Find a Therapy" you get to check out what's available to help you from a wide range. You check out what various therapies do, how they help. You check out the profiles of therapists, even see their picture, work out where they are in relation to you. Then with no risk or obligation you can contact them.

As a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist who spent 21 years in the NHS, I know how anxious and concerned you might be about finding a therapist. But you've already passed the first milestones on this journey; you've started to read this article! Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) encourages your active participation in what we’ll work on. You've already actively made decisions to look at "Find a Therapy" and get this far into this article.

You may already be forming a rapport with your prospective therapist even before you pick up the phone to enquire! There's every chance that making that phone call will help to clarify what might be of assistance just now.