What is Infertility?

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Sue Mills

What is Infertility?

Posted by Sue Mills 1454 Days Ago

Alleopathic medicine states and explains it as “failure to bring about pregnancy after one year”.

As a Naturopath I try to bring the bodies of would be parents into optimum health to allow a full term pregnancy with a healthy baby being born.

Fertility is an emotive subject and the findings below are observations I have made over the years in my practice. With just a few thoughts of many, on how I look at fertility.  As we know, all patients are different and protocol changes accordingly. What works for me may not work for another practitioner and vice versa. 

There are a large number of reasons why a couple cannot conceive. 30% (W.H.O.) being due to male infertility. In females it could be down to fibroids, cystic ovaries, cervical polyps to name just a few conditions. With around 50% due to STDs (W.H.O.) that, if correct, is a huge amount. Both male and female fertility will be affected by steroidal use, liver and/or kidney problems, obesity, blood sugar imbalance as well as vitamin and mineral deficiency

When a patient walks into my consulting rooms for the first time, one can see many different signs to tell me what health problems they may have, before we discuss the patient questionnaire. If a couple come together is their body language  telling me that they would both like a child or is one of them ill at ease, awkward, distant and not really wanting to be there. Do they walk correctly? If not there will be a skeletal and muscular problem.

Does the woman have facial hair on the upper lip telling me that the reproductive organs are troubled by too much mucus which will hamper the fertilized egg implanting in the uterus. Hair on the chin will be a sign of hormonal imbalance due to high fat consumption. Of course too much fat consumption can have an impact on male hormones as well.

So what are we going to do about it?

Early man had an intuitive wisdom about food which many of us today seem to have lost. So firstly the most obvious is to start both of them eating properly, hopefully this will include small amounts of good organic protein that will not load the body of extra hormones. If we eat a large variety of vegetables we will be having a large variety of nutrients. Peas are said to be mildly contraceptive. Look at folates, calcium, vitamin E, zinc and B6 supplementation with vitamin A foods for both.

Many are acidic and therefore in an inflamed state. So think about greens powders, there are many out there that can be added to drinks. One of my favourites is Terra Nova ph alkaline super blend. It is without barley as I find barley seems to make some people constipated. If you don’t like the idea of greens look at chlorella. Persistent inflammation can be triggered by stress related cortisol resistance, a common thread running through many conditions including infertility, so nourish the adrenals, if not by using a specific by Nutri West; Dr Wilsons or AOR, for example, and try using high dose vitamin C.

Taking supplement vitamin D. Vitamin D is required to help the immune system modulate its activity and switch off appropriately. If that doesn’t happen we get disease and the body goes into an inflammatory state. It plays a crucial role in mucosal barriers, sperm quality and blood sugar balance.

Conversion of male hormones to female occurs mainly in the fat cells and the connective tissue of those cells. In obesity, because of the increased number of fat cells and the size of them, it leads to hormonal imbalance. With obese men there is low Testosterone and frequently raised levels of oestrogen. The obese often have low levels of vitamin D. As vitamin D enhances tight junctions and preserves the structural integrity of tight junctions it is therefore important that the body can use it for that purpose and not having to utilise it to accommodate extra fat cells. Low vitamin D will effect thyroid function.

Treat if there seems evidence of yeast over growth/thrush in either person, even though they do not complain of symptoms. Treat both partners at the same time.

Improve the condition of the blood. Stagnant blood is thought to be one of the causes of infertility so therefore, look at the spleen and pancreas. Look at an easy iron supplement along with perhaps squaline.

Blood sugar needs to be addressed

Liver congestion will need to be addressed. 

In Chinese medicine asparagus root is said to improve the feminine principle therefore it promotes fertility. Also in Chinese medicine Cranesbill tea (folk law does state the stork brings the babies!!!)

As a Naturopath I also look at the daily rhythm of the organs. i.e. what happens at certain times of the day. Do they wake up at certain times of the night and what organs does this relate to. Does one of them have a problem with a specific tooth and what organ or part of the body does that relate to. There is a great relationship between the jaw/teeth and the spine therefore affecting a great many nerves that emanate from around the spinal column, that affect the reproductive organs as well as the other organs of the body and the endocrine system. I’m told that working with moon time can help; if the moon is in Scorpio it has a doubly beneficial effect on helping fertility. The moon changes signs around every 2.5 days.

Flower essences work well, as do phytobiophysics, homeopathy and complex homeopathics

Many patients think they have a healthy diet but have huge amounts of pasta, bread etc. Gluten as we know has a big effect on the thyroid so therefore has a knock on effect to the whole of the endocrine system. I stated earlier if vitamin D is deficient, the thyroid will be out of kilter so by eating too much gluten will throw the endocrine system out even more. For patients you think may have a problem with gluten look at selenium supplementation. Look at fluoride as it stops the absorption of iodine which again will affect the thyroid.

Many people today work with lap tops on their laps; just think of the rays going into the reproductive organs. How many men put mobile phones in their trouser pockets and they wonder why fertility has dropped? How many heart attacks are caused by mobile phones being kept constantly in shirt pockets?

I also look very closely at anything that can be going on structurally. Injuries due to falling off bikes/horses/trees and car accidents sport/work injuries. Displaced vertebrae could be putting pressure on certain nerves (3rd lumber). With all patients no matter what problems they have, I will give a body work treatment of some kind, be it crainiosacral, lymphatic or naturopathic bodywork. Very often emotional problems will emerge that can also be dealt with that may be having an impact on the reasons why there is infertility.

When Mum finally gets pregnant I suggest crainiosacral treatments to help pregnancy and the birth. Then when baby is born he or she gets a free treatment as soon as possible.