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Nirasha Ramlugan

What's holding you back from achieving success?

Posted by Nirasha Ramlugan

1345 Days Ago

What's holding YOU back?

I've been reading a very short book by Dr. Spencer Johnson, entitled, "Who moved my Cheese?"

In the 13 pages, I've realised that we all love cheese and everyone's cheese is different. The 'Cheese' could be different....goals, material possessions, spiritual beliefs, career paths etc. in our lives. So what stops us from venturing out to look for new cheese? When we are unhappy or discontent with what is happening around us, many people accept this and say that it is part of the roller coaster of life or if you're a believer in karma.... They say it's part of their karma. They end up changing very little or they end up doing more of the same.  And guess what? They get the same result... More discontentment and more unhappiness. 

Sometimes you might wait for the people around you to change or you want them to take the same journey as you. That's really courageous and noble of you. However, everyone has their own path to their destiny. Do you want others to hold you back or do you want to be selfish and hold others back from achieving their full potential. 

So what is the biggest factor that holds us back from finding new goals....reaching new destinations? 

FEAR..... Fear of the unknown, fear of stepping out of our comfort zone, fear of being alone on the journey, fear of stepping out of a familiarity zone and maybe fear of how to enjoy and brace success. 

I'm now giving you permission to ditch the FEAR and venture out into the maze of life. Giving yourself that power of freedom is the first step to discovering new cheeses and changing & growing along the way. Visualise what your life could be like... Sow those seeds in your unconscious mind so that you begin the process of change whilst taking the first steps towards designing your own destiny. Have fun, enjoy the process, have a laugh, be open - minded and open your heart to discover the new fearless YOU!

Why? Because you love yourself and you are the most important person in YOUR life. 

Please feel free to share what's holding you back and what are your fears. I would love to read your thoughts.

Nirasha Ramlugan

Article written by Nirasha Ramlugan - Milton Keynes

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