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Rosemary  Cunningham

What's your Money Archetype? The Nurturer.

Posted by Rosemary  Cunningham

335 Days Ago

Are you funny about money?   You're not alone! 


  • Is there something uncomfortable about money for you?
  • Do you struggle to have conversations about money?    
  • You've not asked for a wage rise for years or you are really nervous about putting your fees up although you know it's well overdue.
  • Maybe you’re under charging for your services and bending over backwards to please every client or customer.
  • When you’re talking to about your services, are you nervous when it comes to quoting your fees and sometimes you may even end up discounting and creating special packages so people don't miss. Then maybe they don't want them anyway and to be honest, you get a bit resentful. 

You're a Nurturer!

The good news is help is at hand! To know yourself is part of the solution.  You're a Nurturer!

I am a Nurturer, lots of therapists are so you're in great company.  However, we have to take ourselves in hand or we will put everyone else before us for ever and forget to save a little nurturing for ourselves!  Good care always starts with ourselves.

The Eight Sacred Money Archetypes  

Maverick, Accumulator, Ruler, Romantic, Celebrity, Connector, Alchemist and of course Nurturer.   

Knowing your archetypes and how to work with them may be the most powerful thing you ever do for yourself and your business.  For me a huge light went on.  I understood why I felt such a failure in some areas of my life, thanks to my Ruler, and why I had got into so much trouble with money – thanks to my Maverick! 

Meeting my Archetypes meant I was able to see my strengths and my challenges but also what I am here to do in the world, through my life and work. 

When I work with clients, you take an assessment which reveals which Archetypes are you.  Then we work with your top three Archetypes and your lowest one.  They are like looking at a detailed reflection of yourself, you suddenly understand why life may have been so challenging for you. 

Of course we are all very different too, your Archetypes will be unique to you and different from anyone else’s.

Working with all your archetypes allows you to work to your strengths, spot when your buttons are pushed and choose a better course of action.  

One of the biggest challenges of a Nurturer is to set boundaries for yourself and others. You love to be of service but tend to put every else before you. 

Your life lesson is to care for others by empowering yourself. 

This means it starts with you, setting clear boundaries which will ensure you look after yourself first, ensure you are paid and have your needs met too. 

So, my question for you as a Nurturer is, how can you look after yourself better today?  Is that fee increase long overdue and you’ve become a bit resentful of those you are undercharging?

If you would like to meet your Sacred Money Archetypes and learn more about you and your money, do get in touch and apply for a complimentary Money Breakthrough Session!

Watch out for more articles about the other Sacred Money Archetypes in the next few weeks.  

Rosemary Cunningham has had her own therapy practice for 25 years and is a Money Marketing and Soul Coach, specialising in working with therapists. 



Rosemary  Cunningham

Article written by Rosemary  Cunningham - Leigh-On-sea

I've been running my own therapy business for over 20 years now, practicing Bowen Technique, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Australian Flower Essences with a huge variety of clients. My specialities have included helping women with fertility issues, treating children, anxiety and depression.
I find that many... [read more]

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