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Chakra Balancing Massage

Posted by Sarah  Member Cma

395 Days Ago

Chakra Balancing Massage

A popular blend of deep tissue massage around the neck back and feet and healing energy work which focuses on balancing the chakras; situated over and relating to most of the main endocrine glands in the body. In addition this massage incorporates aromatherapy oils.  

The chakras are said to be like funnels of energy which run down the centre of the body. They emit energy through the front and back of the body. It is thought that imbalances in your subtle energy field affect your health and wellbeing as well as emotional regulation. Each chakra has its own area of influence in your life, by grounding yourself in your body and sensing which chakra is most active you can discover which areas need balancing

- Crown relates to higher self

- Brow to Intuition 3 rd eye perception

- Throat relates to communication

- Heart Relates to love

- Solar Plexus relates to confidence & Wellbeing

- Sacral Chakra Emotions and sexuality

- Root Chakra is foundation secure base

A relaxation & meditation practise is given to support you in deciding what you wish to bring into your life, and creating your hearts desire.

Sarah  Member CMA

Article written by Sarah  Member Cma - London

Hi I'm Sarah,
It's easy to book an appointment with me through the online booking system which requires a name phone and e mail, please follow the link el via my web site, or e mail me directly any questions .

I've been a complimentary health practioner for many years and I've... [read more]

Massage Therapy

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