Change can be scary but what's worse??

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Laura O'callaghan Hch.dip.hyp.ctrl.prac

Change can be scary but what's worse??

Posted by Laura O'callaghan Hch.dip.hyp.ctrl.prac 344 Days Ago

Hi my lovelies let’s talk change!

Who wants to make a change? 

What do you want to change?

At nearly every turning point, big or major growth spurt in life, we’re met with so much excitement and this beautiful, shimmering unfolding as we grow.

As I have been on my journey of self discovery and become a therapist one of the greatest and important things I’ve learned is that when I get comfy it must be time for change, I now even start to crave change. 

I don’t want to stand still any longer and not progress, I don’t want to be that person stuck in a rut ’ even if it's just shifting my morning routine around a little bit it’s always good to keep moving and changing. That’s why there’s something weirdly exciting about getting a haircut, right?? Or is it just me lol! 😂

Sometimes I will have those moments where i deeply want to (and maybe even feel i need to) change. It’s nice to have that uplifting feeling everyday I’m always determined to learn something new. 

The reason why we get uplifted say after that hair cut for example is because we have chosen to change,  we wanted and desired it. It makes us feel good and we often want to go out and face the world more than we did the day before right? We even feel more confident or it gives us a boost in some way right?

Well that’s exactly what every change does, obviously the changes we want to make are because it’s for the better right?

So what’s been stopping you ...

*making certain changes in your life?

*Reaching your full potential?

*Fulfilling your dreams?  

*feeling accomplished?

*feeling achieved?

Many  times people don’t make a change in their life because their to scared to “step out of their comfort Zone”, so stay where they are...Is that you?

If so, ask your self isn’t that scarier?... staying where you are now in 10 to 20 years from now never changing?😱

If there is anything I learned on my journey, it’s that ‘stepping out your comfort Zone’ May seem scary, but it also becomes exciting and you then gain so much confidence and self belief once you do it’s amazing!its so amazing you end up wanting to step out your comfort Zone because you know there is something good on the other side of it.

I know the biggest thing that stops most of us from change is when the self doubt sets in, when you start asking things like “what if’s”. “What if I’m not good enough”? “What if no one like it”? “What if no one likes me”? “What if people criticise me”? “What if people talk about me”?”What if I fail”? “What if I look stupid”? “What if others don’t like it”?

Can you please instead spend a little time checking in with YOU.?

Taking stock of where you’re seeing growth and potential. Discerning what “creative itches” you have (“I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try that…”) and scratching them!

“What if what I want to do… doesn’t matter to anyone but me?”

My honest response to that? “Then that’s still a good enough reason to do it!!”

It’s high time we stopped letting the what-ifs and insecurities cut in and steal you from becoming the best version of you.

If someone holds a negative opinion of us, about some aspect of who we are, or what we are going, we will either agree with them or disagree with them. 

If we agree then that’s fine, they’ve told us nothing we didn’t already know and as a result can in no way change our own opinion of us, our damage our self worth.

If we disagree...then guess who is wrong!!

If we want an opinion on something then we are best off asking an expert, and guess what... are the expert on you.

Compared to how much you know about you, your story, your journey and your intentions and motivations, even the closest friend, colleague or relative is the equivalent of a first day novice.

Nobody knows you as well as you know you and as a result any comment, opinion or criticism can be treated as coming from someone who simply knows less about the subject than you do.

Always remember that you know you better than anyone and the only person that needs to be happy about who you are is you.

 Its time you stepped  out your comfort Zone and started to live the life the way you deserve and the way YOU want and desire to live it.


Laura x

Laura O'callaghan Hch.dip.hyp.ctrl.prac

Article written by Laura O'callaghan Hch.dip.hyp.ctrl.prac  - Maidstone

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