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Diane Oxborough

Craving to Stop Smoking Easily?

Posted by Diane Oxborough

643 Days Ago

Many people don’t realise it’s possible to become a non-smoker easily, comfortably and without any cravings at all. 

If you were to consider the fact that just 48 hours after your last cigarette your body is completely nicotine-free, you might ask yourself, “What exactly are withdrawal symptoms?” 

Physical cravings are largely the result of conditioned responses – a smoker’s body has adjusted to receiving regular doses of nicotine everyday, and so comes to expect it. When a smoker decides to stop and does so using conscious willpower, the body wonders what’s going on.  Those physical cravings are the body’s expression of confusion. The good news is that there’s an easy and effective way to prevent this.

The largest study ever carried out with almost 72,000 smokers showed that hypnotherapy is consistently the most successful way to become a non-smoker. People who choose to quit the habit using hypnotherapy are 5 times more successful than those using willpower, and 3 times more successful than those using nicotine replacement therapies.

Diane Oxborough utilises advanced hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to deal with the unconscious aspects of becoming a non-smoker. When your unconscious mind understands how to live as a non-smoker, it communicates this to your body. As a result, many people report that after doing a session with Diane, becoming a non-smoker was easy and they were totally craving-free. What’s more, employing these powerful techniques means that Diane can assist you to achieve this in just one 2 hour session. 

So, if you want to stop smoking once and for all, why not do it easily and comfortably? If you’re ready to look forward to a brighter, healthier future you might decide it’s time to make that change now, and call Diane on 01298 72907


Diane Oxborough works with people who want to overcome unwanted ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.  Her clients are individuals who want to move forward and bring about significant, positive change. Diane is a Registered Senior Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of NLP and Time Line Therapy™, Practitioner of EFT, and a Certified NLP and Life Coach.  With over 20 years experience of developing and empowering individuals to transform their lives, Diane has been running successful private practices in Derbyshire since 2004.  Most clients now come to her by recommendation.



Diane Oxborough

Article written by Diane Oxborough - Buxton And Chesterfield

I work with people who want to overcome unwanted ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. My clients are individuals who want to move forward and bring about significant, positive change.

Some of the most common challenges I help people to overcome include:

• Anxiety, Panic, Phobias, PTSD
• Emotional Issues including Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Guilt
• Presentation, Interview... [read more]

Emotional Freedom Technique
Life Coaching
Regression Therapy

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