Detox with acupuncture and Chinese herbs

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Xing Situ

Detox with acupuncture and Chinese herbs

Posted by Xing Situ 1511 Days Ago

Stress, drinking excessively, smoking and the wrong diet all contribute to the accumulation of toxins. They can create, in Chinese Medicine terms; Heat , Fire or Toxicity. When I was a child, my mother regularly made herbal “Cooling Tea” so that our family could detox. The drinking of cooling tea is a very common way for families in China to maintain their health. The tea often helps prevent prevent colds, flu, fever and skin ailments. There are different types of 'heat' such as excess heat, deficient heat, 'damp' heat, and 'wind' heat. Heat can also manifest itself in different organs, for example, heat in the stomach can cause stomach upset. Heat in the large intestine can bring on diarrhoea or constipation. Acupuncture can detox through clearing heat, cooling blood at the affected organ’s meridian, and via re-establishing the body’s natural balance. Herbs can cleanse or drain the heat. A formula comprising around 10 different herbs will help to re-establish body’s own system to eliminate heat and toxic. They can rebalance an organs’ function, revitalise energy, and work based on the type of heat present and the person’s constitution.

Some tips for to help detox your body:


  • Drink green tea or camomile tea
  • Eat sufficient fruit and veg; melon or pears are particularly good 
  • Exercise in moderation especially tai chi, yoga, meditation
  • Eat cooked and warm food
  • Have a balance diet


  • Drink excessive alcohol, or coffee
  • Smoke
  • Eat too much spicy food, deep fried food, or red meat
  • Eat too many dairy products


Xing Situ

Article written by Xing Situ - London

Growing up in a family that had two famous professors of acupuncture and herbal medicine in China, I have always been fascinated by my uncles' magical skills and vast knowledge. I was also inspired by their patients' smiles and gratitude. Following their footsteps, and cherishing their invaluable expertise, to make... [read more]

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