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Georgiana Monckton

How Reiki can help with Chronic Pain

Posted by Georgiana Monckton

1306 Days Ago

There are many people today out there in this stressful world who suffer from terrible pain which can sometimes become chronic. It can manifest anywhere in the body from neck to shoulders to lower back. Quite often there will be no specific diagnosis which can leave the person in some ways more frustrated because there is no medical label for it.

In these non specific cases it's normally the way a person holds herself which can contribute towards how healthy they are. A person who is going through emotional or mental anguish can not only present that in the way they "think", but also in the way that they hold themselves. Meaning that it comes out in some sort of physical format, for example, saying "she is a pain in the neck". For some people with lower back pain it can be associated with anger. Tightness around the shoulders or pain and tightness around the throat can be because the person is not speaking out about something important. Headaches have been known to be linked to worry and stress. If there has been severe trauma, the pain can be held in the muscles, organs and even at a cellular level.

Reiki is extremely effective in healing pain caused by emotional tension and psychological distress that over time has built up inside the body. Lower back pain is the most common type of chronic pain and as I have mentioned above, it can be very frustrating because the source of the pain is non-specific. Reiki helps the body release old and held onto issues which allows the body to relax and open up. In its place a new balance and calm takes over which can increase a person’s energy levels and minimises the pain.

If the person is suffering from severe pain and it has been chronic for sometime, then I would certainly recommend 3 or 4 treatments over a period of 2 to 3 weeks. This then enables a good build up of the energies and the client actually gets to feel the benefits and improvements themselves. I find that most of my clients know in themselves when they want another Reiki treatment for whatever reason.


Georgiana Monckton

Article written by Georgiana Monckton - London

It was through a personal tragedy of my daughters death that I found out I had the natural ability to heal. That is why I turned to Reiki 15 years ago. I also wrote a book that was published in 1994 about what a parent goes through, and to help others... [read more]


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