Metabolic Balance: weight loss for hypothyroid sufferers

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Emma Vanlint

Metabolic Balance: weight loss for hypothyroid sufferers

Posted by Emma Vanlint 1540 Days Ago

If you suffer from an underactive thyroid, (also known as hypothyroidism) you will have no doubt struggled to lose weight for years. Diagnosis of the condition for many is a huge relief as it provides an explanation for the symptoms, like coarse dry skin, weight gain, tiredness and difficulty sleeping.  Unfortunately, diagnosis and treatment don’t always result in weight loss and a lot of people with hypothyroidism spend the rest of their lives trying to lose or just even maintain their weight and never quite feeling well again.

Emma Vanlint at the Nutritional Therapy Clinic is a qualified Metabolic Balance coach and has helped many clients with hypothyroidism to improve their health and lose weight.  The Metabolic Balance diet has a different approach to the diets and plans that you might have tried before, in that every client undertaking the programme gets a diet geared to them and their needs.  Your plan is unique to you, based on your personal data and blood results.  It’s not just about weight loss but starts from the premise of balancing your hormones to heal some of the imbalances in your body and as a consequence of this improved balance, you’re able to lose weight more easily.  The Metabolic Balance® diet works by adjusting your body chemistry and rebalancing hormone levels, which in turn promotes fat burning, decreases fat storage and promotes "anti-ageing".

 Some of the other benefits include:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Regulation of Hormones
  • Improvement in skin condition
  • Elevated mood and the lifting of depression
  • Sleeping better

Best of all there’s no Yo-Yo effect as with many diets, this is a sensible plan based on healthy nutritional foods  that you can find in your local supermarket and once your metabolism is reprogrammed you can maintain your weight by following a few simple rules.  The Metabolic Balance Programme is backed by 20 years of scientific research by expert nutritionists and has been tried and tested on over a quarter of a million people since it was first developed.  

If you suffer from hypothyroidism then the above health improvements could have a great impact on your life so call 0845 094 9670 for a free no obligation chat with an expert nutritionist or click here and contact us.