My Reiki Experience in Sarajevo

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Georgiana Monckton

My Reiki Experience in Sarajevo

Posted by Georgiana Monckton 1512 Days Ago

I have chosen to write about my own experience with Reiki during my 2 week stay helping the War victims in Sarajevo. These amazing couple of weeks showed me just what an impact a Reiki has on people who came to me with anything and everything that was having some sort of negative impact on their life. It was all made possible by a charity called The Healing Hands Network. 

They have been sending out 4 therapists every 2 weeks from April to November every year since the war ended around 1995. Going to Sarajevo with the Healing Hands Network was a huge undertaking for me both personally and professionally. As I sit here writing this, those 2 weeks were proof enough for me that Reiki really does work in the most wonderful and gentle way!

All in all I gave Reiki to 70 war veterans. They all had various complaints ranging from PTSD, ( post traumatic stress disorder ) to emotional and physical ailments including amputees. What struck me most was how upbeat they were, and how grateful for receiving Reiki. 

One of my first clients was a man who suffered terrible back pain from lying on concrete floors due to house arrest for months. Together with that he had PTSD. After all treatments the translator would ask the client how they were feeling. This particulate man bent over, stretched and coming up with a grin from ear to ear, said that he felt REBORN! He booked immediately for another Reiki treatment for the following week!  1 week later, back was good and his brother in law whom had not seen him for ages, said that he had not seen him looking so happy for a long time.

Another example I want to share with you is really to show you guys the effects that can be felt while doing Reiki, not only by the client but also the practitioner. I had a lovely man who was an amputee who I had the privilege of giving Reiki to. It was while my hands were on the calf of his left leg, that I then lost all feeling in the calve and foot of my left leg. I can only assume that I was picking up the energy surrounding the missing limb! As soon as I my hands moved away from his calf the feeling came back into my calf. Fascinating!

A final example I will tell you about is really more about the spirit of this particular young woman who came to one of the clinics outside Sarajevo. She was 9 months pregnant and had suffered all her life. At the age of eight she was raped, and then had to watch her father commit suicide by blowing himself up. She has Multiple Sclerosis and ulcers in her tummy. The fact that she became pregnant at all has been a miracle. When she arrived, with a huge smile on her face, I felt a huge pull towards her. 

The way it just happened to plan out was I ended up giving Reiki to another client who benefited hugely. When the pregnant woman what'd finished her treatment, I just could not let her go, so asked her whether I could give her 5 mins of Reiki.  She took hold of my hands to place directly on her tummy. After one minute, there was an exclamation of "I don't know how you have done that, but the pain has gone away" she was so grateful, as again Reiki had worked it's magic!


Georgiana Monckton

Article written by Georgiana Monckton - London

It was through a personal tragedy of my daughters death that I found out I had the natural ability to heal. That is why I turned to Reiki 19 years ago. I also wrote a book that was published in 1994 about what a parent goes through, and to help others... [read more]


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