Owning your story

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Julie Modla

Owning your story

Posted by Julie Modla 2112 Days Ago

Maybe we find it easier to stay quiet than to share our stories? Maybe for the fear of exposure, or the fear of exposing our emotions? Emotions that we don't want to discuss even when it affects our wellbeing?

Many men and women have a difficult time putting our thoughts into the open for the fear of rejection and acceptance, because when we share, how do we know that we are sharing with those who can carry the burdens of our story, or who do we know how to trust?

The people who always have your  interests at heart, they give you attention, they return their stories with you. They feel your emotions and are switched on, they ask can they make a difference and they don't share these stories carelessly.

Own your story, even when it's a hectic and messy one. Try to be kind and gentle with yourself as we all make mistakes, some bigger than others. Don't get stuck in self-criticism.

Try to be warm to yourself and don't ignore the pain, self compassion and mindfulness balances negativity.

 Ignoring the darkness doesn't allow you to bring the light in.