Reflexology for healing the body

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Ruth Eagin

Reflexology for healing the body

Posted by Ruth Eagin 1925 Days Ago

Reflexology is a method of accessing and activating the healing processes in the body. It brings the body back into balance and revitalises the person's energy by stimulating the 7,000 nerve endings on the feet.  Therefore the main role of the Reflexologist is to re-balance the client's state.

Reflexology is a specific treatment to the feet or hands. It is safe and effective and is based on zone therapy.  Through specific pressure massage of the reflexes in the feet or hands that correspond to particular parts of the body, a state of balance and harmony are encouraged from within, therefore Reflexology enables correct flow of energy and helps the body to function properly.  For the body to be healthy, everything must work together. If one part is out of order, other parts suffer.  For example it can regulate hormonal imbalances, help with poor sleep patterns, stress and headaches.

Reflexology is usually used as a preventative health treatment and the receiver experiences a sense of well being.  It is a non invasive therapy and does not require the use of drugs or chemicals.  It may be used to help with all types of medical conditions and is now being used in Hospitals, Nursing Homes and other areas of healthcare.  It is deeply relaxing and safe.


Reflexology is NOT a foot massage nor a medical treatment and we as Reflexologists DO NOT diagnose, nor promise to cure.