Stuck in a never ending Loop?

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Steven Blake

Stuck in a never ending Loop?

Posted by Steven Blake 2123 Days Ago

We all know what we should do and yet we struggle to do it. This is because very little of what we do is done consciously. Our unconscious processes drive most of everything we do. This is because of repetition and the learning process from it. When we know something and have done it many times it stops being something we need to be consciously monitoring anymore. Just remember how when you first learnt to drive and had to let the clutch out and accelerate at the same time, you certainly had to to focus on it and even looking in the mirror at the same time seemed impossible. Yet now it’s no problem.

Whilst we have an unconscious process for almost everything we do it is thought that around 80% of all we know about life we learned before we were six years old, so deduct five of your age and that’s how out of date some of your programs are.

If we try to change what we do by using our conscious part of the mind it does have limitations. Will power is your conscious trying to overcome the unconscious and well rehearsed program you installed. So let’s compare: the conscious mind holds 9 bits of data, the unconscious works 100 times faster and has one hundred trillion data points, the number of connections that makes possible is said to be more than the number of atoms in the universe. So in a fight – no contest!

To escape the loop (unconscious program) we need to either have a stronger (conscious) desire than the program or we need to access the unconscious and change the program. Whilst some people do this with meditation, many people struggle to get to this mind emptying state. The easiest options are to learn how to contact your unconscious so that you can bargain with it. Your unconscious does its very best to look after you and has a reason for all your weaknesses as well as strengths. It will never deliberate do anything it thinks would be more harmful than the thing it tries to stop you doing. However it doesn’t always get it right, remember that most of the programs are well out of date. So when stuck in the loop it does pay to seek out someone who can help you access the unconscious and get them to show you how to do it yourself for future use!

What loop are you stuck in?