The Effects of Distance Reiki Healing

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Laura Smith

The Effects of Distance Reiki Healing

Posted by Laura Smith 1345 Days Ago

For me the experience of learning Reiki level two was a very powerful emotional and deep cleansing journey that I will never forget. At the time my life was a bit of a rollercoaster with many changes taking place rapidly. I was going through the motions of emigrating to America, dealing with difficult paperwork and feeling the fear of beginning a new life that I was never 100% sure of. My father was very ill with shingles and my parents were not able to make the journey overseas to see me getting married. Life was a mixture of fear and excitement.

The main reason I was so desperate to complete my Reiki level two was because not only did I intend to professionally practice Reiki, but I also wanted to learn how to send healing to my family back in the UK once I had gone. I never had any idea just how important distance healing would become in my life and how it would become part of my daily routine.

Over the years I have used distance healing for many things including sending to family, friends, pets, situations and goals. It is no longer a secret that the law of attraction works and using our intention to send this beautiful healing energy across time allows us to manifest much abundance in our lives. It can be done at anytime and anywhere even sitting on a tube during peak rush hour travel in London.

The Reiki distance symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen can be translated to mean ‘no past, no present, no future’. It’s a beautiful symbol containing many Japanese kanji strokes, which can sometimes present a challenge for those learning to draw it during their Reiki level two course. It can be used to heal the receiver of past traumatic experiences that are creating negatives blocks and holding them back from achieving true happiness. It can also be sent into the future to gain positive results from an exam, doctor’s appointment, an interview or even a date.  It can be sent to another country, city or room to heal physically and emotionally.

I have had many positive responses from sending distance Reiki both for myself and others. I once sent Reiki to a friend who was recovering from a broken heart and feeling a little low. The next time I saw her and we spoke about the effects she told me the weirdest thing happened. As I was sending her Reiki she was travelling on her way home from work on her moped during London rush hour when the traffic was usually very busy. She got home safely in half the time it would normally take as every traffic light she came to was green. She said she felt as if she were being guided all the way home by a strange force that was looking out for her.

Recently during the summer I found myself in hospital with appendicitis and in a lot of pain. I reached out to my Reiki community on Facebook and I asked for some healing Reiki to be sent to me. Out of the blue one morning I felt the presence of another being standing behind me and a glowing white light covered my whole body as if I were inside a bubble that was lifting me up and enabling me to drift realising all my pain and worry. The effects only lasted a couple of minutes, but it was still very relaxing and calming. I have no idea which one of my Reiki friends are responsible for this lovely experience, but I am grateful all the same.

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Reiki blessings

Laura Smith

Article written by Laura Smith - Hamilton

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