The secret to sensitivity - let's begin by creating greater self awareness

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Gabrielle Anya Rafello

The secret to sensitivity - let's begin by creating greater self awareness

Posted by Gabrielle Anya Rafello 1018 Days Ago

My work involves supporting many clients who could be described as being highly gifted or highly sensitive and I have created a questionnaire to identify what the common traits are and exercises that can help them find ways to stay in balance, which I would love to share here. 

People who are sensitive can be very open to the energy of the environment they find themselves in, and the people they interact with. I teach them how to contain their own personal energy more effectively, so they create healthy boundaries and are less likely to be influenced by what is going on around them. 

So I wonder how many of the following statements could apply to you, or maybe someone you know? The more you can relate to, the more your sensitivity may be affecting you at the present time.  

1. You sometimes feel ‘different’ to other people 
2. You are very conscientious
3. You enjoy nurturing others
4. You can be a perfectionist
5. You need time for inward reflection
6. You believe that you don’t ‘fit in’
7. You have had periods of low self-esteem based on an illusion there is something wrong with you
8. You feel pain and pleasure more deeply
9. You can sometimes feel overwhelmed by other people and busy environments 
10.You tend to experience love and joy more intensely
11.You process information more slowly
12.You withdraw from challenging situations
13.Your strongest values are kindness, compassion and understanding
14.You love animals and nature
15.You react to violence and aggression more easily
16.You can be affected by tension and stress
17.You can be very aware of danger
18.You are more sensitive to allergies
19.You absorb others’ moods and energy
20.You appreciate beauty, art, music and food

Can you identify the top three that influence you the most?

Reiki is certainly something I would recommend. Having Reiki treatments is a great way to keep your energy in balance and becoming attuned to Reiki will help you develop greater self-awareness, so you can bring yourself into alignment with whatever makes you feel healthy and happy, more easily. You also have this beautiful energy available to you at any time and in any situation! In my experience it also helps to strengthen the auric field (the field of energy around the physical body), so the individual is less likely to be affected by negativity or they will become more 'conscious' of needing to step away from situations and people that may have a negative effect on their mood.

In my next article I will introduce you to some of the reasons why these traits are so common among the sensitive people I know and what you can do to support yourself better, so you can stay in balance and have the tools to manage your energy, in any situation. In the meantime, if I can answer any specific questions you have or you wish to subscribe to my regular newsletter, please drop me an email