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What is Homoeopathy?

Posted by Giovanna Giraud-Saunders

844 Days Ago

I often get asked about what Homoeopathy actually is when I tell people that I'm a homoeopath.

In short:

  • Homoeopathy is a safe and effective system of healthcare.
  • It is a form of medicine where minute doses of substances derived from minerals and from the plant and animal kingdom are used to stimulate the healing process within the individual.
  • The word derives from the Greek language and means "similar suffering". The key principle in homoeopathy is "like treats like". This means that a substance is chosen which mimics the symptoms of the ill individual. This is called the similimum.
  • A minute dose is just used because some medicines in homoeopathy are derived from quite toxic substances like arsenic.
  • In homoeopathy a person is treated and not a disease so it is always about the treatment for a individual because everybody is different.
  • Homoeopathy is a very individual medicine because it is tailored to how a person is experiencing a disease.
  • Homoeopathy is safe but powerful and has no side effects so it can be used to treat all age groups, from baby to the elderly generation and even in pregnancy.

Giovanna Giraud-Saunders

Article written by Giovanna Giraud-Saunders - Devizes

My name is Giovanna Giraud-Saunders and I'm your local Homoeopath in Devizes.


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