Winds of Change - Saturn square Uranus 2020/2021

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Ingrid Hoffman

Winds of Change - Saturn square Uranus 2020/2021

Posted by Ingrid Hoffman 39 Days Ago

There is no truth except the truth that exists within you. Everything else is what someone is telling you—Neale Donald Walsch
The sky-story this week speaks of change and tension as thousands chant, “I can’t breathe!” Uranus in earthy Taurus (revolution, rebellion, upheaval, breakthrough) squares Saturn in the air sign of Aquar
(restriction, authority, the old order). Taurus rules the throat, the voice. The windpipe. As Saturn (limitation, austerity, restriction, structure and authority figures) squares Uranus (rebellion, upheaval, break-throughs) we may feel the tension in our own lives, we will most certainly see it depicted in the media and feel it in the energy of the collective.
There are ancient forces at work as the old order clashes with the new. Saturn/Uranus aspects often accompany economic hardship, high unemployment, global recession.
Venus and the Sun are both in the air sign of the Twins. We might be grappling with a dilemma that requires a difficult choice. We may be struggling to recreate ourselves after the loss of a job. We may be grieving the death of a dear friend or a family member, or feel a sense of despair or unease, as we emerge into a world of rules and restrictions, a world without the touch we long for. There are four planets in Retrograde at the moment, so moving forward, will be slow and painful.
On June 3rd, Venus in the sign of the Twins unites with the Sun. She’s fortified, “cazimi”, in the fire of the Sun and will make an edgy square to Mars, (war, aggression, will and libido) at a time in our human his-story when the ancient rhythms of the earth shudder and shake, when millions of people have lost their jobs, are grieving those they have loved and lost, as old divisions, and wounds re-surface.
When Venus is “cazimi” she is purified, re-forged in the flames of the Sun. The essence of her beauty and her power is revealed. If we reflect on this powerful symbolism, against the backdrop of worldly events, we may regain a sense of forgotten brilliance in the truth that exists within us.
There’s a spiritual quality to this alignment, not in the trite sense of a “cosmic ordering service” but in the energy of commitment to a wholehearted proclamation of life-affirming action. An acknowledgement of what we hold dear to our heart. A re-connection with our truth.
This week’s Full Moon and penumbral lunar eclipse on June 5th amplifies a square from transiting Mercury in emotive Cancer to Chiron, the wounded warrior, in Aries; a reminder that emotions are energy in motion. That our thoughts and words may wound or heal. Mercury and Saturn are still in an aspect linked with illness and adjustment as we re-enter the world after months of confinement.
Chogyam Trungpa taught the practice of the awakened heart. “The genuine heart of sadness” which he said was natural to us all when we allow ourselves to receive the full experience of life with open hearts. It is in this “genuine heart of sadness” that we discover our repressed grief, our forgotten anger, our thin shard of shame, our joy, and our boundless capacity to Love.
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Ingrid Hoffman

Article written by Ingrid Hoffman - Bristol

I am always drawn to our very human stories. I studied journalism and worked on television and magazines before discovering my life-long passion for astrology 34 years ago. Astrology has helped frame and add meaning to my own journey, and has inspired me to reflect on what it is to... [read more]

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