Why I love Past Life Regression Therapy.

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Natasha Price

Why I love Past Life Regression Therapy.

Posted by Natasha Price 336 Days Ago

The benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy




For the past three years I have specialised in Past Life Regression Therapy and have found the process not only amazing and awe inspiring, but personally very transformative.  People can often over use these terms – amazing, awesome, transformative – but for me this has been true. It has been a real adventure discovering hidden aspects of myself, and a real privilege to be able to help others to do likewise.  If you feel called to have such a session I would encourage you to do so.  Of course, as with all therapies, it is important to research and contact only qualified therapists and to make sure that you go to someone who makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.  It is important to trust your therapist and to feel safe in the process.



What is Past Life Regression Therapy?



Past Life Regression is a process through which, with the use of hypnosis techniques, we can access memories and information from Past Lives. The idea is that our Soul energy, that energetic part of us contained within this physical body, goes on infinitely. Energy never dies, it merely changes form. So when we no longer have use for our current physical vehicle, that energetic part of us with pass over to the Spirit Realms.  When we decide to come back to earth to again learn further lessons, we incarnate into another physical body and life.  By allowing the client to fully relax, and to enter what hypnotherapists call a trance, the client can access those lives and look at the memories and experiences.  By doing this the client can use the knowledge and wisdom previously gained to assist them to navigate and understand their current life.  I always struggle with the term trance when explaining the process to clients.  I think it is deceptive as people believe that the client will be in some spaced out hypnotic trance where they are unaware of their behaviour, and cannot remember any of the details once the session is over.  This is totally incorrect.  For hypnotherapists the word trance simply refers to a deeply relaxed or meditative state.  By taking the client through visualisations and relaxation techniques the hypnotherapist can help the client to enter a deep state of relaxation, and once there the filter between the conscious and sub-conscious minds drops, and information from the subconscious can be retrieved.


Usually the client will find themselves lying on a therapist’s couch, fully clothed and wrapped warmly in some comfy blankets.  It is helpful to be warm as your temperature will drop, and to be in a quiet relaxed space.  Therapists often play soft relaxing music to aid this process, although if this is distracting you can ask for it to be turned off.  The client will be conscious throughout the session, and will openly talk and describe events with the therapist throughout.  What is important is that you can fully relax fully and this is helped by talking to the therapist fully beforehand, going through any fears you may have, and getting used to the therapist’s manner and voice. Two common fears that clients often raise is that they will get lost, or stuck somewhere.  This simply isn’t possible and the client is always in control of the session.  If you are uncomfortable, or find what you are seeing distressing, then tell the therapist and they can assist you.  Alternatively, open your eyes and stop the session.  The client is always in full control.  What is also important is that you start the session with an open mind, and a clear intention as to what you want to achieve in that session.  Perhaps you have physical symptoms which are bothering you, or a particular phrase is going around your head that you have no explanation for.  Maybe there is a difficult relationship that you want clarity around from this lifetime, or an interest that you have which seems out of character.  Whatever it is, setting a clear unambiguous intention for the session is important for a successful outcome.



Are Past Lives real or just fantasy?



Often clients will simply want to see a past life, and know what or who they were at that time.  Were they a monk, a soldier or someone of great importance?  Unfortunately, the majority of us have only had routine or what we call ‘porridge lives’.  Often, we find that clients are unable to give accurate dates or names or even know who was on the throne at the time.  This is because they might well have been illiterate at the time and simply didn’t know the information.  Or maybe they are not at a deep enough state of relaxation.  The inability to provide this information however, does not automatically point to a failed session.  However, this inability to provide information that can be checked, has added weight to various arguments that in fact the information received by clients are fantasies made up by our subconscious to explain situations in our current lives.  Perhaps we have read a book or seen a film which is now influencing our subconscious recall?  This is an ongoing moot point, but having experienced past life regression on both sides of the couch so to speak, I have no doubt that we are able to access past lives and memories.  Even if they are not past lives, often clients will leave the session with reduced physical symptoms, or just feeling uplifted.  To me that is a success.


One aspect that seems to add weight to the belief that these are real memories is that clients really feel the emotions of that past life.  It isn’t simply a case of watching the events of that life on a screen in your mind’s eye, and commenting on what you have seem.  The emotions that are felt whilst reviewing the significant parts of that life are very strong, and often clients have been visibly upset, or ecstatically happy at times during a session.  They very keenly feel the pain, sadness, disappointment or joy experienced by them in their past life.  In fact, they are often surprised at the strength of the emotion which flows through them, and to the feeling of release once these emotions are released.  Often clients can clear a current problem with one session, sitting up and knowing that the weight of that issue has been released.  Other times they will instantly know that although the issue has shifted, there is still work to do.  The therapist is merely the facilitator of the session and will follow the experience of the client, assisting where necessary.


I am also aware that the images I have seen in such sessions do not fade.  It is as if they become part of your memory bank, and months even years later clients can recall those sessions in detail.  Whilst studying for a diploma in Past Life Regression Therapy so that I could provide this service to others, I was required to work on myself, and of course that exploration of self provides for change and growth.  Every bit of information received was like finding an unexpected nugget of gold or like shining a spot light on those dark corners of my Soul, with the very act of looking causing a shift in the areas under scrutiny.  All sorts of realisations and 'aha' moments ensued for me causing negative emotions, thoughts and beliefs to be released. I found it incredibly interesting.  I originally studied geology and science and therefore need affirmations and understanding of the concepts involved, before fully agreeing to the process. 


A session of Past Life Regression Therapy is extremely direct if the correct intention is set and will go straight to the root of a problem, allowing the emotions and beliefs held there to be released.  Often this occurs in one session or may need a series of sessions, but the very act of clearing will cause a shift and realignment of energy and the client often feels an immediate sense of relief and of being unburdened.  I use my intuition and experience to follow the energy and act as a facilitator for the client whilst they receive and get to grips with the information that is being given to them.



Do I need a Past Life Regression Therapy session?



If you are feeling that there is a strong emotion very near the surface for which there is not an obvious reason, or that random negative thoughts keep going through your head, then a session of Past Life Regression Therapy could allow you to understand the source of those emotions, thoughts and beliefs and for them to be released.  Some negative emotions and beliefs that we find ourselves struggling with are believed to be related to the thoughts and emotions from a past traumatic event, which have become stuck in the energy field. Maybe we passed over in that lifetime with negative thoughts of disbelief, anger or guilt at leaving our families, going through our minds.  Attached to all these thoughts will be corresponding emotions.  By reviewing these thoughts and beliefs we can gain clarity and understanding on situations in our current life and therefore start to move forward in a different uncompromised way.  Releasing these emotions can make a huge difference in how we feel and our general wellbeing.  A good example of this are fears and phobias that can often represent past life experiences, such as a fear of water when there has been no obvious trauma around water in this lifetime.  One of my clients had an unexplained fear of water which appeared to relate to an experience in a past life where she fell down a well.  She was able to revisit that trauma, and to release the related emotions with lasting effect.  Whether it was a real past life or whether it was her subconscious mind making up a story to explain that fear, she was able to move forward without the burden of that anxiety weighing her down.


By revisiting the experience, you can see that the emotions around that fear or phobia diminish or indeed disappear completely.  Of course, regression can also take us to past traumatic events in this lifetime, to childhood traumas and even to the womb where our parents emotions at that time can be clearly felt. Where we go is a matter for our subconscious who will guide and protect, revealing only to us what we need to address and perhaps focus on moving forward, and on what we can cope with.  The subconscious is very like a bodyguard.  It will not show us, or allow us to be exposed to memories that we cannot cope with.  That does not mean that we will not see events or gain information that we may find hard to see and process, but we will be able to resolve and release them if the session is correctly finished off.


Are there side effects to Past Life Regression Therapy?


Although there are some negative reports around Past Life Regression Therapy on the internet, and there are always going to be people to do not believe that we are actually accessing Past Lives, I have never personally experienced side effects from the sessions that I have had as a client.  In fact, I still regularly have sessions with my peers to look at negative emotions and beliefs that may be surfacing. I have only found a huge benefit from the sessions and believe that they have been incredibly instrumental in my spiritual development.  It is very important to keep revisiting our energy field and to give it a spring clean if you like.  We wouldn’t just do one meditation session and expect it to solve all our issues, so why not use and benefit from the services available to us.


For me that process continues in my daily energy work. I believe that healers must walk their talk and that they should actively continue to work on themselves whilst assisting others.  I am a strong believer that energy management should become a daily practise, a continuous exploration of the emotions that come to the surface through the shifts and changes of our energy field.  I do not believe that anyone has done enough work on themselves or should stop this process and indeed I have not wanted to as I have found it fun and exciting.   Of course, we need periods of time for reflection and rest as it can’t be intense work all the time, but for me it has become a way to live my life.  In fact, it has become a passion of mine in which I find a lot of joy and through which I believe that it allows me to free my Soul and live fully in the now.  The term freeing the Soul is exactly how it feels, an unrestricted expansion of energy and self which can only be good for my general wellbeing.  In fact, I would encourage everyone to start to look at the health of their energy field by using simple daily techniques such as meditation, journaling of their emotions or using crystals in the home.  I believe that the benefits are worth the effort.


Natasha Price

Article written by Natasha Price - Braintree

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