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Del Walsh

Phobias and Trauma

Posted by Del Walsh

1143 Days Ago

I am frequently asked what is a trauma or phobia and how can I treat it. I have listed below various ways that I use to negate these challenges which I hope you find interesting. If you would like further information please feel free to call or email or check in with my website.

What is a Phobia?

Phobias are really just exaggerated fears that have lodged themselves in our cells and whenever a similar situation arises, all the emotions and physical responses come rushing back, just as they did the first time but multiplied with every other similar experience we have gone through.

What is a Trauma?

A Trauma is when you have a direct, massive shock or experience, which leaves you in the situation that you relive the moment over and over again without any respite. It has been proven scientifically that trauma of any kind lodges in our cells, not only flooding our body with unwanted chemicals but until we find a way of eradicating or dealing with it, will cause some kind of dis-ease in the body.

So what can we do?

There are various ways to address the problem, – through desensitisation, with conventional Psychotherapy or through Neuro-Linguistic Programming – “The Five Minute Phobia Cure” or through Thought Field Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique which have been used extensively with troops in war torn areas, with great success and Cold Laser Therapy.

They all have different protocols but the same outcomes – a neutral emotional state. Neuro-linguistic Programming takes the very intense response and then scrambles it with the use of visualisation, which has the effect of minimising and humorously changing the initial situation.

The thought processes are permanently changed, without losing inherent awareness of danger. Thought Field Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique, both utilise the meridians or energy points of the Face, Hands and Torso to interrupt the neuro-pathways of the emotion and so the memory loses the negative emotion attached to it. Various points are tapped whilst thinking of the event and the trauma is regularly diminished to a point where the challenge is resolved.

Cold Laser Therapy used in conjunction with Kinesiology is a good way to check in with the body to see which therapy would be best and also how much to do and over which time span to do it. All therapies have a physiological effect and sometimes these challenges need to be addressed slowly, so the body can cope.

Del Walsh

Article written by Del Walsh - Reigate

Del Walsh is a Personal Growth and development coach leading in the field of personal development for all the family.

The processes Del uses are quick and effective in creating long lasting unconscious change in individuals ready for a compelling future.

Emotional Freedom Technique
Life Coaching

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